Membership 2017

Membership for 2017 is now due! – If you were a member in 2016 or 2015, all your details will already be on our membership system, all you need to do is Login to your account, check all you and your family members details and then set up a one off Direct Debit:
Login and Renew

If you have not been a member in the past 2 years you will need to sign up as a new member:
New Member

New Nipper Parents: You need to set up an account for yourself first (using the ‘New Member’ button above). Once you have done this, email [email protected] to let us know, then we can enable you to add your child’s account(s) alongside your’s, providing your child has a space.

We need as many ‘Parent Helpers’ as possible to enable us to run the nipper sessions safely. It only costs £30 and it means you are fully insured to help out in the water. If there aren’t enough Parent Helpers then your child’s session may not be able to run. Nipper age 7’s need at least one Parent Helper per child.

The membership fee structure for 2016 is summarised below. Membership includes the £25 fee each member pays for SLSGB affiliation – which includes a raft of benefits and insurance cover for individuals and the club.

For 2017, all parent helpers need to be paid members due to insurance cover.

Nipper (7-12) – £48
Youth (13-19) – £48
Senior – £88
Associate/Parent Helper – £30

Family discounts are applied automatically when you join online, there are too many variations to list, for example, a family of 2 adults and 2 children costs £196

There are waiting lists for most of the Nipper age groups, it is highly recommended that you get your child’s name on the waiting list as early as possible. To get on the Nipper waiting lists please contact Spike on [email protected]