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Perranporth Extreme Surf Triathlon 2016

This event is limited to 300 swimmers.

Team Relay - You can enter as a team of 3 competitors, (one competitor swims, one cycles and one runs.

By Entering this event you are supporting the Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club - Thanks!

Cancellation Policy
From the moment Perranporth SLSC begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event; hiring facilities, hiring and buying equipment. In short, organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense. Once you pay your entry fee that money is spent and with it Perranporth SLSC aims to provide you with a race.

Perranporth SLSC reserve the right to amend the Race format, change the date/times or to cancel the Race. We will only exercise these rights due to extreme circumstances beyond our control - Such as adverse weather conditions, natural disasters.

If your entry was made more than 60 days before the requested refund, we will deduct the PayPal fee from your refund from the following...
Any cancellation on entries made before July - 100% refund
Any cancellation on entries made before Aug - 75% refund
Any cancellation on entries made before 19th Aug - 50% refund
Thereafter no refund.

Location: Perranporth Beach
Inner Green, Perranporth, Cornwall, TR6 0JL

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MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR ENTRY : To make any changes to your entry contact Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club by emailing [email protected] with your order number and details of the changes you would like to make.

Races within this event:

Perranporth Extreme Surf Triathlon 2016

Start Date/Time:
04-09-2016 10:00:00

Finish Date/Time:
04-09-2016 14:00:00

By entering this event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
I accept that this event is conducted under the rules and conditions of the British Triathlon Association and I agree to acquaint myself with and abide by those rules and any instructions issued by the Race Organiser. I declare that I am fit to take part in these events and understand that I take part entirely at my own risk and relieve the organisers of any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to either my person or my property as a result of participating in this event.

You will be asked to produce your BTA membership at registration.

Your age is how old you are on the day of event.

Saturday 3rd from 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 4th from 7:30am - until 9am


Junior Male (17+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Junior Male (17+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Junior Female (17+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Junior Female (17+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Open Male (18-30) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Open Male (18-30) - BTA Member  £45.00
Open Female (18-30) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Open Female (18-30) - BTA Member  £45.00
Masters Male (30+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Masters Male (30+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Masters Female (30+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Masters Female (30+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Vets Male (40+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Vets Male (40+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Vets Female (40+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Vets Female (40+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Grand Vets Male (50+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Grand Vets Male (50+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Grand Vets Female (50+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Grand Vets Female (50+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Super Vets Male (60+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Super Vets Male (60+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Super Vets Female (60+) - Non BTA Member  £48.00
Super Vets Female (60+) - BTA Member  £45.00
Relay - Team of 3 Male (18+)  £99.00
Relay - Team of 3 Female (18+)  £99.00
Relay - Team of 3 Mixed (18+)  £99.00

T-Shirt Small  £0.00
T-Shirt Medium  £0.00
T-Shirt Large  £0.00


Series/Event Organiser Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club